How to install the gadget on Windows 7

After the publication in 2009 of the long-awaited Windows 7 operating system (popularly referred to as “Seven”), users received an excellent operating system with many useful features, such as the opportunity to install a gadget to your desktop. install-gadget-windows-7 (1) Such useful applications has become a gadgets desktop. It is worth noting that the gadgets have tried to implement in previous versions of windows, but for one reason or another, they were not common. The seventh version of the winows application on the contrary became “friends”. However, not all users know how to install gadgets in windows 7. install-gadget-windows-7 (1)

Instruction: how to install the gadget on your desktop?

To install desktop gadgets for windows 7 you can either download the package on the website and then install, or have available by default the gadgets OS. install-gadget-windows-7 (2) Detailed look at the installation of the gadget weather “GisMeteoBlue”. This is a great gadget that shows the weather in the selected city. The package of gadgets by default for the operating system is not included, but you can easily download by clicking on the link. This mini application is easy to download and customize. (After clicking the link (Fig.) Gadget immediately downloaded onto the computer.) install-gadget-windows-7 (3) Next, the downloaded gadget file and install on your computer. install-gadget-windows-7 (4) After a few seconds it will appear available in the gadgets menu: click right mouse button on the desktop, then choose the submenu gadgets. install-gadget-windows-7 (5) In the menu that appears, choose the gadget GisMeteoBlue and double-click on it with the mouse. The gadget will appear in the upper right corner. install-gadget-windows-7 (6) It is easy to configure, you can select a city, weather in which is show. You can choose to display temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. install-gadget-windows-7 (7) To remove this gadget from your desktop is easy, you need only click on the cross that will appear if the gadget move your mouse. install-gadget-windows-7 (8) &nbsp-TZP – download Now gadgets from the Internet with the official website of Microsoft it became impossible. When going to “Find a gadget on the Internet,” install-gadget-windows-7 (9) the website writes a notification that gadgets are no longer available install-gadget-windows-7 (10)

Therefore, those who are accustomed to the convenient gadgets that you have to find where to download them. An excellent solution in this situation will be the site